EBI Summary

Page 4: News and resources


The Spirit of Bonsai

Page 7: The status of European potters confirmed



Page 8: Monaco celebrates bonsai

Page 14: The EBA Convention in Poland


Trees and People

Page 20: Tomohiro Masumi “I owe much in my life to bonsai”


Task of the Month

Page 26: Prune branches and twigs


Bonsai Basics

Page 29: Bonsai styles: windswept and multi-trunk


Getting Off to a Good Start

Page 34: Choosing a pot for your tree



Page 36: The Japanese white pine is altitude resistant


Shohin: Small Bonsais

Page 42: Preparing to repot evergreens


Techniques in Detail

Page 46: First steps with a balletic olive tree

Page 50: Respecting species behaviour


Spotlight on Conifers

Page 53: A Rocky Mountain juniper bent into a bonsai


Spotlight on Broadleaves

Page 60: How to start shaping Japanese azaleas


Re-imagining a Tree

Page 66: A Scots pine weds a rock


Potters and Pots

Page 68: François Jeker: borrowing from nature


Besides Bonsais

Page 72: Creating a kusamono in a few pictures



Page 74: Ohara: From practice to the birth of a book

Page 76: Sogetsu: Niji, Kako, Nindo – teaching epithets


Clubs and Enthusiasts

Page 78: Tenkeï Bonsaï Club, Mulhouse area. A godsend for making progress