Chant de fleurs, au fil des saisons




EBI family: 

In French. It is 30 years since Soazic Le Franc ikebana master of the Sogetsu School ‘fell under the spell of flowers’. Over the years her tastes have been refined and her style confirmed. With the Sogetsu School she found the way to express her creativity. In this very personal book, she plunges us into her world, drawing on the seasons as a guiding thread. Her compositions are creative, poetic and playful and show us in infinite possibilities in Japanese floral art. Unusual materials such as CDs, plastic wire or metal rods sometimes find their way into this dance of flowers, and from time to time, a plant might dare to escape its vase.

No one can be indifferent to Soazic Le Franc’s joyful and elegant ikebana.

The photos are a burst of colour against a background of white or black depending on the colours of the flowers. The texts are very short in favour of the photos.

Hardback. 30 x 22 cm (11¾ x 8¾ in.). 68 pages.


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