Catalog Bonsai Shohin Festival 2017



Ed. Crespi Editori

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The catalog of the 2° Bonsai Shohin Festival exhibition in 2017.

Through the pages of this catalog, dedicated to Bonsai Shohin Festival, you can find many ideas to increase your knowledge on shohin bonsai and enjoy the beauty of nature in miniature.

You'll find in this catalog all the shohin submitted by participants in the exhibition, from France, Switzerland as well as from all over Italy and the exhibition made by the fans at the Bonsai Shohin Expo Contest. And those suggested by Master Hiroki Miura, host of the event and great expert of shohin.

  • hard cover
  • format 30,5x21,5 cm 
  • Text in English and Italian
  • 80 pages, color pictures
  • Ed. Crespi Editori


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