#96 - October-November 2018


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p4 News and resources  

The Spirit of Bonsai
p7 Are there national styles of bonsai?  

p8 Bonsai-Club Deutschland: 40 years of passion
p14 Spruces put on a show
p17 France's Salon National du Bonsaï 2018, Diversity and sharing  

Trees and People
p20 John Wang
"I ignore any material that doesn't have a spectacular future"  

To do this month
p24 Twist a branch - then create a jin  

Notes for Beginners
p27 Wiring  

Getting Off to a Good Start
p32 For good healing on maple  

Species Profile
p34 Camellias: Flowers in all colours  

p38 Reiteration: One for all, all for one!  

Shohin: Small Bonsaï
p40 A distinctive rock-planted shohin Part 1 

Techniques in Detail 
p47 Calendar - Feeding bonsai correctly Part 2   

Spotlight on Broadleaves
p50 Small autumn fruits  

Spotlight on Conifers
p56 A savin juniper of great elegance  

Re-Imagining a Tree
p62 Powerful does not mean heavy!  

Potters and Pots
p64 Conny Hackl
"There is no limit on imagination!"  

Besides Bonsai
p68 Toad lily - an autumn companion plant  

Japanese Gardens
p70 Amid the Ritsurin Garden's pines  

p74 Ohara: Hana-kanade, a new style
p76 Sogetsu: Gagoh, the name bestowed on an ikebana master  

Clubs and Enthusiasts
p78 Bonsaï club de Bourges
"We work alongside each other"  

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