#95- August-September 2018


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Here is EBI #95 summary:

p4 News and resources

The Spirit of Bonsai
p7 Do we make our bonsai suffer?

p8 Bonsai Matsuri 2018: Japan's top bonsai market
p14 EXPO BONSAI UK: A new non-club-based British exhibition
p17 Sakufu-ten: Only for Professionals

Trees and People
p20 Budi Sulistyo
"I developed my own bonsai using the trees of my country"

To do this month
p24 Thinking ahead to spring

Notes for Beginners
p27 Pruning

Getting Off to a Good Start
p34 Decorating with moss

p34 The tree and sacred places in Japan

Shohin: Small Bonsaï
p36 Creating the trunk of a shohin in mid-development

Techniques in Detail
p42 From plant transpiration to watering
p45 Feeding bonsai correctly

Spotlight on Broadleaves
p48 Bougainvillea: a Mediterranean bonsai

Spotlight on Conifers
p54 When a tree calls for the rules to be broken
p60 Reconstructing a mature spruce

Re-Imagining a Tree
p66 An atypical Scots pine

Potters and Pots
p68 Me and Raimondi
"We work together on each pot"

Besides Bonsai
p72 Kokedama step by step

p74 Senshin-Ikenobo: Rikka's roots in history
p76 Ohara: Bonsai and ikebana in Douai

Clubs and Enthusiasts
p78 Bonsai club de Provence
A club that continues through time


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