#94 - June-July 2018


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#94 - June-July 2018

Here is EBI #94 summary:   

4 News and resources   

The Spirit of Bonsai
7 A universal truth?  

8 Arcobonsai, a gathering of friends
14 The Société de bonsaï et de penjing du Québec: 20 years old, a great anniversary! 

Trees and People 
17 Laurent Breysse has left us
20 Mitsuo Matsuda 
"We must try to obey the tree"

To do this Month
24 An intense phase before summer  

Notes for Beginners
27 How to create a bonsai 

Getting Off to a Good Start
30 Constructing a trident maple  

32 Where trees and people live in harmony 

Shohin : Small Bonsai
34 A venerable but problematic pine
40 Initial styling of a satsuki  

Techniques in Detail
46 Light and shadow in bonsai
50 The components of organic fertilisers  

Spotlight on Broadleaves
54 The poetry of a bamboo forest 

Spotlight on Conifers
60 Last-minute change  

Re-Imagining a Tree
66 A very subtle Premna obtusifolia  

Potters and Pots
68 Carina Jern 
"I want my pots to inspire people"  

Besides Bonsai
72 A four-season composition on a tree stump  

74 Senshin-Ikenobo: Spring exhibition
76 Sogetsu: From modern to conceptual floral art  

Clubs and Enthusiasts
78 Les amis du bonsaï Plaisir
"30 years of friendship"

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