#93 - April-May 2018


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Here is EBI #93 summary:   

4 News and resources   

The Spirit of Bonsai
7 Bonsai-do: a way of consciousness  

8 Kokufu-ten 2018: Two unequal exhibitions
14 Noelanders Trophy XIX: A new beginning
16 Natura dInverno: A new winter event   

Trees and People
24 Gabriel Romero Aguadé  
Be sensitive and humble, keep your mind open  

To do this month
28 Air-layering above all  

Notes for Beginners
31 Materials to start off with, part 2  

Getting Off to a Good Start
36 Create a very natural hornbeam forest  

38 Under a spreading horse chestnut tree  

Shohin: Small Bonsaï
40 Restoring a junipers foliage  

Techniques in Detail
46 In praise of organic fertilisers
50 Satsuki care calendar  

Spotlight on Broadleaves
54 Transplanting an old maple without risk   

Spotlight on Conifers
59 The metamorphosis of a pine   

Re-Imagining a Tree
66 The hidden beauty of a forest  

Potters and Pots
68 Martin Englert
From white porcelain to primitive firings  

Besides Bonsai
72 Bringing art to the table  

74 Sogetsu: When flower arranging gets conceptual
76 Ohara: In the name of my rose  

Clubs and Enthusiasts
78 Brocéliande Bonsaï Club
An ever-increasing and lasting passion    

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