#92 - February-March 2018


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Here is EBI #92 summary:   

4 News and resources   

The Spirit of Bonsai
7 Waiting  

8 37th Taikan-ten: Innovative displays
14 Heathrow Bonsai Show: Clubs on display
16 Bonsai Europa 2017: The bar is set high in the UK   

Trees and People
18 Václav Novák
"I look for my inspiration in nature"  

To do this month
22 Organising and planning   

Notes for Beginners
25 Materials to get you started   

Getting Off to a Good Start
30 Best begin with a yamadori  

36 Under snow    

Shohin: Small Bonsaï
38 Basics of shohin bonsai display  

Techniques in Detail
43 A Sakkafu-ten prizewinner's story
46 How roots work
48 Satsuki care calendar  

Spotlight on Broadleaves
51 Uncovering a broadleaf's hidden potential  

Spotlight on Conifers
58 Repotting three times to achieve three objectives   

Re-Imagining a Tree
64 A sumo wrestler ready to pounce  

Potters and Pots
66 Steps to making a great pot, by Linmin Gong  

Besides Bonsai
72 From a stone to suiseki   

74 Ohara: Summit meetings
76 Senshin-Ikenobo: Ikebana is for kids too  

Clubs and Enthusiasts
78 Esprit bonsaï MJC
"A kind and respectful welcome" 

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