#89 - August-September 2017


EBI family: 

Here is EBI #89 summary:   

4 News and resources 

The Spirit of Bonsai 
7 Shifting perspectives 

8 Les Jolis Matins de Juin
Radiant Shohin
16 Convention of the Fédération Française de Bonsaï
A forum for bonsai encounters 

Trees and People 
22 John Armitage 
Only 25 cm (9¾in.)make an impact 

Task of the Month 
28 Summertime for jin and shari  

Bonsai Basics 
31 Buying a tree 

Getting Off to a Good Start 
34 Recycle a tree by air layering 

36 Beauty in unexpected places 

Shohin: Small Bonsai 
38 Construction of a maple
Creating the trunk and nebari  

Techniques in Detail 
44 About-face for a mountain pine  

Spotlight on Broadleaves 
49 Azalea: Post-flowering pruning and energy considerations
54 Summer defoliation and pruning a maple 

Spotlight on Conifers 
60 Grafting branches or roots 

Re-Imagining a Tree 
66 The tranquil strength of a Japanese spruce 

Potters and Pots 
68 Igor Carino 
We must know the way of bonsai 

Besides Bonsai 
72 Pots and other containers for kusamono 

74 Senshin Ikenobo: A show of shared delight
76 Ohara: The rustic charm of the hollyhock 

Clubs and Enthusiasts 
78 Hawaii Bonsai Association 
Everyone is willing to be of help 

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