#88 - June/July 2017


EBI family: 

Esprit Bonsai International #88 issue

Here is EBI #88 summary:   

4 News and resources 

The Spirit of Bonsai 
7 Creative stimulus  

8 8e World Bonsai convention 
Bonsai, towards the next 100 years 

Trees and People 
18 Penjing in a dreamy setting 

Task of the Month 
24 Pinching deciduous plants 

Bonsai Basics 
27 Work Diary
May, June 

Getting Off to a Good Start 
32 Into the forest  

34 Shades of blue 

Shohin: Small Bonsai 
36 Restoring the proportions of a shohin juniper 

Techniques in Detail 
44 Hormones and the role they play
46 Urgent rescue treatment for roots
52 A landscape inspired by the Jura 

Spotlight on Broadleaves 
58 A young oleaster grows up 

Spotlight on Conifers 
61 The cobra dance
A new interpretation of a Scots pine 

Re-Imagining a Tree 
66 A quirky black pine 

Potters and Pots 
68 Sami Amdouni 
Im obsessed by quality 

Besides Bonsai 
72 Mauve flowers for summer  

74 Sogetsu: Where did all the great pots go?
76 Senshin Ikenobo: Between Kakemono and Calligraphy 

Clubs and Enthusiasts 
78 Team Monaco Bonsaï  
We are a very close-knit group     

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