#87 - April/May 2017


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Esprit Bonsai International #87 issue

Here is EBI #87 summary:   

4 News and resources 

The Spirit of Bonsai 
7 The problem with prizes 

8 Kokufu-ten 2017
Tales of trees and tree-lovers
16 Noelanders Trophy
Belgium, Bonsai capital for a weekend 

Trees and People 
22 Harry Harrington
"A bonsai must provoke a reaction from the viewer" 

Task of the Month 
28 Last tasks before bud break 

Bonsai Basics 
31 Work Diary
March, April (continued...) 

Getting Off to a Good Start 
36 Prepare to repot  

38 Larches of coastal Quebec 

Shohin: Small Bonsai 
40 Repotting a mature Chinese elm 

Techniques in Detail 
46 Fixing the mistakes on two multitrunked trees 

Spotlight on Broadleaves 
50 Repotting azalea step by step 

Spotlight on Conifers 
60 Seven years' work on a yew 

Re-Imagining a Tree 
66 A feminine black pine 

Potters and Pots 
68 Daniel Butler
"There is always scope for creativity" 

Besides Bonsai 
72 Repotting hostas 

74 Sogetsu: Head and heart
76 Ohara: Waves of wisteria 

Clubs and Enthusiasts 
78 Bonsaï Val de Boutonne
"We think of ourselves as a family"     

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