#86 - February / March 2017


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Esprit Bonsai International #86 issue

Here is EBI #86 summary:   

4 News and resources 

The Spirit of Bonsai 
7 On beauty 

8 Taikan-ten 2016: New trends revealed
16 Bonsai Without Borders Global Summit China 2016: A Frenchman's journey in China 

Trees and People 
20 Marija Hajdic & Andrija Zokic
"You should invest your whole being to work with bonsai" 

Task of the Month 
26 Snowfall and wiring 

Bonsai Basics 
29 Work Diary
March, April 

Getting Off to a Good Start 
34 Starting out with a nursery-grown plant 

36 Pines as parasols 

Shohin: Small Bonsaï 
38 A mugo pine matures 

Techniques in Detail 
43 Hardykiwi: a creeper with charm 

Spotlight on Broadleaves 
48 Repotting an old refined maple 

Spotlight on Conifers 
58 Best Bonsaist prize for a larch
62 Repotting yews and their consequences 

Re-Imagining a Tree 
66 The serenity of a spruce 

Potters and Pots 
68 Shohin pots, part3
Japanese shohin pottery artists 

Besides Bonsai 
72 Kazari, the art of displaying bonsai and suiseki 

74 Ohara: The globetrotting hydrangea
76 Senshin Ikenobo: Flower combinations 

Clubs and Enthusiasts 
78 Swindon & District Bonsai Society
A society committed to promoting bonsai     

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