#85 - December/January 2017


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Here is EBI #85 summary:  

4 News and resources 

The Spirit of Bonsai 
7 Accidents of birth 

8 European Bonsai San Show: A four-star event
14 Sakka Ten: The romantic melancholy of a Roman autumn 

Trees and People 
20 Carlos van der Vaart
"Bonsai is about creating with no rules" 

Task of the Month 
26 Wiring broadleaves 

Bonsai Basics 
29 Work Diary
December, January, February  

Getting Off to a Good Start 
34 Getting the most from an unprepossessing young plant  

36 A slumbering cade on the Cap de Creus 

Shohin: Small Bonsaï 
38 Displaying shohin harmoniously 

Techniques in Detail 
44 Repotting a weak pine 

Spotlight on Broadleaves 
50 Cultivating and working with Mediterranean species
56 Elaeagnus: Easily tamed anarchy 

Spotlight on Conifers 
62 New beauty for a classical tree 

Re-Imagining a Tree 
66 A pine of restrained power  

Potters and Pots 
68 Ian Baillie
Pots with Scottish spirit 

Besides Bonsai 
72 Mondo grass adapts to suit your needs 

74 Sogetsu: All kinds of intrusions
76 Senshin Ikenobo: Earth to heaven 

Clubs and Enthusiasts 
78 Matsugawa bonsaï club
30 years of passion     

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