#84 - October / November 2016


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Esprit Bonsai International #84 issue

Here is EBI #84 October-November summary:

4 News and resources

The Spirit of Bonsai
7 Creating a bonsai, but ...

8 Lithuania: New horizons and a new bonsai spirit
14 Malaysia: Bonsai and suiseki at the Royal Floria festival

Trees and People
20 Andrea Melloni: “... all a work on oneself”

Task of the Month
26 Pine clean-up

Bonsai Basics
29 Work calendar:September, October and November

Getting Off to a Good Start
34 Let’s twist again

38 The traumas of life

Shohin: Small Bonsai
40 Creating a maple, step by step

Techniques in Detail
46 Autumn pruning for deciduous trees
50 Ishizuki: creating a landscape on a rock

Spotlight on Broadleaves
56 Training a box tree

Spotlight on Conifers
61 Strength for a Rocky Mountain juniper

Re-Imagining a Tree
66 A very natural juniper

Potters and Pots
68 Shohin pots, part2: Artists and their masterpieces

Besides Bonsai
72 Imperata cylindrica “Red Baron”: A red outfit

74 Sogetsu: Beautiful field flowers
76 Ohara: A Japanese master invited to a jubilee celebration

Clubs and Enthusiasts
78 Tropik Bonsaï Club Celebrating twenty years of passion

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