#83 - August / September 2016


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Esprit Bonsai International #83 issue

Here is EBI #83 August-September summary:

4 News and resources

The Spirit of Bonsai
7 Bonsai for Martians

8 The EBA and ESA Convention: Bonsai rises in the East

14 Fédération Française de bonsaï:
A friendly congress in the Nord department in France

Trees and People
20 MiuraBaiju-en: Japan's Pioneering Shohin Nursery

Task of the Month
26 Watering in summer

Bonsai Basics
29 Workcalendar: July and August

Getting Off to a Good Start
34 Peace of mind when you go on holiday

36 Clinging on for dear life

Shohin: Small Bonsai
38 General maintenance for shohin bonsai

Techniques in Detail
44 A Scots pine over rock takes shape
48 Replacing pesticides with natural remedies

Spotlight on Broadleaves
52 Refining semi-raw satsuki and post-flowering pruning

Spotlight on Conifers
58 Off the beaten track

Re-Imagining a Tree
64 Casuarina equisetifolia: A very natural tree

Potters and Pots
66 Tony Remington
Playing with textures

Besides Bonsai
70 Create a kusamono step by step

74 Senshin-Ikenobo, for all special occasions
76 Ohara, Bunjin-ike: a scholarly art

Clubs and Enthusiasts
78 A club comeback: Bonsaï Toulouse

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