#82 - June / July 2016


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Esprit Bonsai International #82 issue

Here is EBI #82 summary:

4 News and resources

The Spirit of Bonsai
7 Down with dodgy demos! By François Jeker

8 The shohin spirit reaches the Brits, by Graham Walker
14 Pacific Bonsai Museum: One of the best in United States, by Michèle Corbihan

Trees and People
20 Ken Fujiwara: “It was love at first sight”, by Louis-Victor Bourdeau

Task of the Month
26 Satsuki azaleas: with or without flowers, by Gilbert Labrid

Bonsai Basics
29 Repotting bonsai, by Bruno Mazza

Getting Off to a Good Start
34 Back budding on Scots Pines, by Xavier Dreux

36 The hidden face of trees, by Gilbert Labrid

Shohin: Small Bonsaï
38 Letting the sunlight into your trees, by BonsaiTranslations

Techniques in Detail
43 Air-layering: first aid for marcots and trees, by Jérôme Hay
48 Deciduous trees: pinching out buds in spring, by Gilbert Labrid

Spotlight on Broadleaves
54 Air-layering to produce shohin, by Jérôme Hay

Spotlight on Conifers
60 Bringing a spruce to maturity, by François Jeker

Re-Imagining a Tree
66 A sturdy spruce, by François Jeker

Potters and Pots
68 Shohin pots by leading potters, by BonsaiTranslations

Besides Bonsai
72 Soldanelle: a charming mountain dweller, by Xavier Dreux

76 Sogetsu, Harusaki: stepping into spring, by Soazic Le Franc
78 Senshin-Ikenobo: An ikebana exhibition in Toulouse, by Marette Renaudin

Clubs and Enthusiasts
80 L’Arbre dans la Main, by Cinthya Arenas
A club with established values

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