#81 - April / May 2016


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Esprit Bonsai International #81 issue

Here is EBI #80 summary:

Page 4: News and resources

The Spirit of Bonsai
Page 7: Bonsai-do – the bonsai way, by Jérôme Hay

Page 8: 8 90th Kokufu-ten: Behind the scenes, by Peter Warren
Page 16: Noelanders Trophy: Rolling out the red carpet in Belgium, by Michèle Corbihan

Trees and People
Page 22: Matt Reel : “I always wanted to do bonsai for the rest of my life.”

Task of the Month
Page 28: Preparing training crates, by Gilbert Labrid

Bonsai Basics
Page 31: Parasites and diseases Part2, by Bruno Mazza

Getting Off to a Good Start
Page 36: Adding age to trees with dead wood , by Xavier Dreux

Page 38: Walking on water, by Gilbert Labrid

Shohin: Small Bonsaï
Page 40: Change the pot – change the mood, by BonsaiTranslations

Techniques in Detail
Page 46: A very ordinary tree transformed into a moyogi, by Michele Andolfo
Page 50: Forming an organic unit with shohin and rocks, by Gilbert Labrid

Spotlight on Broadleaves
Page 55: Air layering to salvage a defective tree, by Jérôme Hay

Spotlight on Conifers
Page 60: Steps to take when restructuring a savin, by Frédéric Chenal

Re-Imagining a Tree
Page 66: A beautifully harmonious juniper, by François Jeker

Potters and Pots
Page 68: Peter Krebs, a virtuoso who wants to try everything, by Anne Royer

Besides Bonsai
Page 72: Displaying suiseki with shohin, by BonsaiTranslations

Page 76: Sogetsu, Borrowing styles, by Soizic Le Franc
Page 78: Ohara: Modernising a tradition, by Marcel Vrignaud

Clubs and Enthusiasts
Page 78: The  Bonsaï Club Toulousain
The importance of the meeting of generations, by Cinthya Arenas



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