#80 - Feb. / March 2016


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Esprit Bonsai International #80 issue

Here is EBI #80 summary:

Page 4: News and resources

The Spirit of Bonsai
Page 7: Black Scissors: a new era for bonsai/penjing

Page 8: Taikan-ten 2015, a key autumn exhibition in Japan
Page 16: 4th African Bonsai Convention, bonsai in South Africa

Trees and People
Page 18: Peter Warren wants to make beautiful trees

Task of the Month
Page 24: Winter cleaning

Bonsai Basics
Page 27: Parasites and diseases

Getting Off to a Good Start
Page 32: To work well sharpen your tools

Page 34: Literati bend but they don’t break

Shohin: Small Bonsaï
Page 36: Restructuring the branches of a quince tree

Techniques in Detail
Page 42: Bonsai and biodynamics: lunar rhythms
Page 46: The art of penjing and the grow-and-prune technique

Spotlight on Broadleaves
Page 50: When to prune flowering and fruiting trees?
Page 56: Improving the nebari of your maple trees

Spotlight on Conifers
Page 61: A Scots pine reinvents itself

Re-Imagining a Tree
Page 66: A stunning elm

Potters and Pots
Page 68: Lotus Bonsai: Tradition as a guide

Besides Bonsai
Page 72: Kokedama: A kusamono workshop with Keiko Abe

Page 74: Senshin-Ikenobo: The deliberate positioning of an arrangement
Page 76: Ohara: Ikebana across the Rhine

Clubs and Enthusiasts
Page 78: Association française des amateurs de bonsaï
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