#79 Dec. /January 2016


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Here is EBI #79 summary:

Page 4: News and resources

The Spirit of Bonsai

Page 7: Ancient art in a digital world


Page 8: The Artisans Cup, American bonsai - a new approach to bonsai
Page 14: European Bonsai San Show, an exceptional vintage in Burgundy
Page 19: Bonsai Europa 2015, the United Kingdom takes its place in Europe

Trees and People

Page 24: Michael Hagedorn : "I want to shar bonsai"

Task of the Month

Page 30: Modifying nebari

Bonsai Basics

Page 33: When to work on bonsai (Part two)

Getting Off to a Good Start

Page 38: Jin seal bleaches and protects


Page 41: When nature takes over

Shohin: Small Bonsais

Page 42: Restructuring a Chinese juniper's foliage

Techniques in Detail

Page 48: The trunk: sap' essential vessel
Page 52: Major bending

Spotlight on Broadleaves

Page 56:  Understanding how to prune flowerinf and fruiting trees

Spotlight on Conifers

Page 62:  Stages in the construction og a mature juniper

Re-imagining a Tree

Page 66: An authoriative Murraya exotica

Potters and Pots

Page 68: Makisada Ceramics, Potters' love

Besides Bonsais

Page 72: Kokedama: moss balls are rights on trend!


Page 74: Senshin-Ikenobo: Ikebana at the rythm of the seasons
Page 76: Sogetsu: the ABC continues

Clubs and Enthusiasts

Page 78: Bonsai Club d'Anjou, a club with a school for beginners

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